Wind farm


The only way to solve the current global climate crisis is to find solutions to it, like any problem.  The problem with this particular problem is that there are so many issues involved.  And there are so many economic and political interests who have a stake in its outcome.  And there is so little time to do enough about the problem.  Therefore, among the solutions we find, many if not most will have to be very innovative.  We are going to have to come up with the kind of ideas that have never been heard before or tried.  People from all over the world are going to have to innovate, and imagine what can be done, in the short amount of time that we have, to solve this problem.  It will not be easy.  But there is virtually no limit to the human imagination.  We can certainly find innovative solutions to climate change and put them to use.

Most of the solutions now available to us, that have already been thought of, are simple but will take a lot of work.  Industry is going to have to innovate.  Countries are going to have to transition from the mass use of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.  Innovative ways will have to be found to do with relatively quickly.  This will not be easy to do, or to implement.  Because fossil fuel use and production has already been figured into the equation of the world economy for the next several decades.  It is up to us to change that equation, on an emergency basis, and to create a new equation, with sustainability and renewable energy sources at its center.