United Nations staff members in group portrait

One Humanity


The ideal of one humanity is now considered naive, because we are living in a world in which unlimited economic growth has become the ideal.

It seems like something from another age.  Another time.  But with the onset of our global crisis, we now need to revitalize the ideal of one humanity, and bring it back into the global dialogue. Because only by working on the challenge of climate change together – as one humanity – can we find solutions to it. If we remain separate, and try to go it alone, it will not be enough.  We need coordinated global action.  We need to work as one, or we will die as one.  This will take decades, perhaps centuries. But as human beings, we have a responsibility to those who have not yet been born – and will be living in this world in the future. Why? Because many human beings in the past have made great sacrifices not just for themselves and those they loved, but also for us. For the ones not yet born, but who would be. Many people have fought for freedom and justice and equality – and it must also be mentioned – clean air – healthy food – safe working conditions. They did this so the human beings of the future – who now live in the present – could live in freedom, and with dignity when it was their time to live on Planet Earth. Those human beings of the past, who are no longer with us, were thinking not just of themselves – but also of us. They were thinking of the future. And future generations. As we should, now.

We need all human beings to view themselves – now – as being part of one humanity – working together to save itself – from something humanity itself has created – the climate crisis.