Imagining the Future

Earth is now approaching a tipping point. If it reaches that point and goes beyond it, we will not be able to bring the Earth and our environment back to the state it was previously in. We will be living on the same planet. But that planet will have changed. Once it is in its new state, Earth will not be as hospitable to human life as it is now. Life will never be the same for us. Ever again.

By imagining how bad life could become for us if Earth goes beyond the tipping point, and climate change becomes something we can no longer control, we will be motivated to take action. We will be motivated to work together to do something about climate change. Our imaginations can enable us to envision many possible futures. And then work towards the best possible future.

The best future for us is a more sustainable world. We should try to imagine that world. And bring it into existence. In this new, hopeful more sustainable world, carbon dioxide levels will be significantly reduced, and solar technology will replace fossil fuels as the primary driving force of the world economy. We need to imagine such a future and such a world, in order to build it.

Our imaginations can help us. By imagining the worst outcome. And the best. By imagining the worst, we can avoid it. If we imagine the best, we can create it.

We can build a new world. With our imaginations.