Human Evolution

Climate Change and Evolution

In order to confront the climate change crisis, humanity has to change. Now. We have to work together. As one. This may seem revolutionary. But it is really evolutionary. Humanity has to evolve, and change its way of thinking, so it can work together in harmony and stop climate change before it overwhelms us.

The question is, can humanity evolve beyond its current state of evolution? The answer is it must. The leaders of key nations must evolve, now, and work towards a meaningful agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the auspices of the United Nations.

The only way to slow down climate change is to speed up our evolution as human beings. Become something else than what we have been. We need to do this now. We do not have time to waste. We need to create a new global paradigm for the human race.

The current state of human evolution is stuck in a time from decades ago, centuries ago. This was the time in which the nation-state was the most important entity. And each nation-state looked out for their own interests – and often collided with other nation-states with similar interests. Sadly, despite two world wars and massive world-wide destruction, which brought on the creation of the United Nations, we are still in a state of evolution where  nation-states vie with each other – for predominance – in the world. There has been some evolution since the second World War.  There is more intergovernmental cooperation.  There are more organizations that act independently of nation-states in order to do good in the world.  But our basic state of evolution has not improved enough.

The climate talks held under the auspices of the United Nations and the UNFCCC, are an example of how human evolution has not moved quickly enough to keep up with climate change.  Agreements have been largely meaningless in relation to the enormous task at hand of reducing CO2 emissions.  Countries are looiing out for their own interests.   They are not looking out for the common good of the planet and humanity.  There is suspicion between nations.  There is a lack of trust.  This is all a sign of a lack of evolution.  Of humanity’s evolution being stuck in time.

Human evolution, in its current state, does not have the capacity to allow individuals, corporations, and nation-states to work together harmoniously in order to make the changes needed in individual societies and communities to make the world more green, more enlightened, with less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thereby saving the environment, humanity, the polar ice caps and everything in between.

Evolution must start, now.  How?  People all over the world must change.  Nations must change.  The change and the evolution that is required will entail in and of itself an entirely new way of thinking.  A new global paradigm, for humanity.  This evolution must begin now, if we are to survive.