This website is the creation of the Global Crisis Information Network, a new non-profit organization based in the United States. Our mission is to make sense of the complex issue of climate change, and to let the public know how serious an issue climate change is.  We are using this website – and the arts – to help us do this. Our goal with this website is to present the current facts on climate change simply, and to imagine what the world might look like one day if we do not act on climate change soon.  We also hope to encourage the public, through this website, to find innovative solutions to our global crisis.

In response to the crisis, and to the challenge of climate change, artists and scientists are now working together in an effort to communicate the seriousness of climate change to the public by using art, drama, dance, song and more to present their message, together. This combination of science and art in explaining climate change is a new phenomenon that is growing every day.

The Global Crisis Information Network has its first “talk and art” event on the climate change catastrophe in June 2014, at Scandinavia House in New York.  Climate change and sustainability experts spoke, and music and dance was performed.